‎Losing weight‬ is vital for people who do not have the right weight. Apart from the fact that one looks great with a proper toned body, one also should maintain a proper weight to ensure that you don’t end up unhealthy

Being overweight is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Heart diseases, diabetes, few types of cancer, stroke, osteoarthritis and cholesterol problems are associated with being ‪#‎overweight‬. In a nutshell, one should achieve and maintain an ideal weight to sustain a healthy and long life.

Our weight is determined by our food consumption and the amount of energy that we spend on an average in a day. If a person’s weight is not changing, it means they are consuming the same amount of calories and also burning the same amount of calories. A person can control the amount of calories that is taken in all the time. But what is really essential is to be able to control the amount of calories that are burnt daily.

Work habits and the usual lifestyle of a person determine the amount of calories that can be burnt in a day. A person leading a sedentary lifestyle or doing a job that demands maximum hours at the desk burns lesser number of calories than a person whose job and lifestyle includes more of physical activities than anything else. One certainly cannot do much change to the type of work one does but can certainly ensure that he/she embarks on a controlled dieting protocol such as ‪‎Bettabods‬.

Now having identified that a person needs to lose weight, the next step is calculate and decide the goal for weight loss. One should set personal goals for losing weight rather than aiming for what is called the “ideal weight.” The idea is to conform to something realistic, personal and achievable. One needs to keep in mind that it is as much necessary to maintain a particular weight once you have reached there. With Bettabods this is no challenge at all.

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