Why Is It Healthy to Eat Three Meals a Day?

Eating three meals a day seems sensible, but is it healthy? When you want to feel and look your best, it’s hard to ignore the conflicting claims that grazing all day or skipping meals is the best way to reach your goals. This is one case where it may be healthiest to stick with tradition

Meal Frequency and Weight
The average American can eat up to 3.12 meals a day, and a three-meals-a-day pattern is the norm in other industrialized nations. There is no clear, consistent evidence that any other meal frequency is better. In 2011 position stand, the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported that spreading calories out over more than three meals doesn’t appear to favorably change body composition. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner each day may be optimal for controlling appetite and managing food intake.

Aiming for Optimal Calorie Distribution
One advantage of eating three meals a day is that you are spreading your calories across your day, so you don’t get too hungry between meals. Another is that you aren’t spreading your calories too thin, so you are more likely to feel satisfied after each meal. Grazing all day may cause you to loose track of calories, especially if you choose high-calorie snacks, while having fewer than three meals a day may leave you so hungry that it’s hard to make healthy food choices.

Meal Quality Versus Meal Quantity
Skipping meals can make it hard to get the variety of foods and nutrients you need for good health. When you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are likely to choose different foods at each meal, providing overall variety. Snacking is a good way to add extra servings of fruits however, do make sure it is fruits!!

Personal Experimentation
Determining whether three meals a day is a healthy pattern for you may take some experimentation. Your goal is to provide your body with steady energy throughout the day and to get hungry enough between meals that you feel ready to eat but are still able to make rational choices at mealtime an eat smaller portion sizes which are more healthy for one. If you find that you get too hungry between meals, adding a fruit snack and staying within your ideal calorie range is a better option for you.

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