Why must hCG arrive in a powder form as opposed to a liquid?

When we speak about ordering real hCG online – that is, the real deal, the actual hCG hormone, wherever you may purchase it from, it needs to arrive at you in a powder form and not in a liquid. Why you may well ask?

Foremost is the concern in the rise of ‘fake’ hCG being sold on the black market and secondly once it is mixed and exposed to higher temperatures such as those we experience in South Africa, it loses it’s efficacy quickly.

The moment hCG is mixed into a solution, it starts to experience potency degradation. How much? We can’t really be sure. However the aim is to minimize this by making sure that the hormone is processed so that it is in it’s most stable form, until you are ready to mix it for your hCG round.

By having the hCG arrive at your home as a powder, which you then mix yourself (don’t worry it’s REAL EASY with our instructions provided in the diet protocol document we mail you), you can have a good 4-8 weeks or so to use your vial of hCG with sufficient potency to do it’s work in your body.

Further to the above, your hCG should arrive with the original label with the brand name of the hCG as well as carrying a barcode and expiry date!  No barcode, no expiry date, we don’t recommend you inject yourself with it.?  If your hCG is not labelled you can almost be certain it is fake!

There are numerous brand names of hCG out there, so to ensure you’ve got the real deal, you can google the name and it should come up on a search.

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