HCG And Testosterone: Benefits of hCG for Men:

The benefits of using hCG for men include boosting healthy levels of testosterone that are needed for all biological processes to ensure optimal health – even in women. Just a few of these processes include maintainance of weight, muscle mass, bone density, heart health, and sexual development

Although men need significantly higher levels to not only produce masculine features and deep voices, but also to support the ‘goings-on’ of things we can’t see happening that occur deep down inside. Correcting low testosterone levels with the use of hCG for men can bring on an incredible amount of positive benefits effects as follows:

Increase red blood cells
Support the cardiovascular system
Increases flow of blood and oxygen
Healthy body hair growth
Weight loss, reduction of fat mass
Increased energy levels, endurance, and performance
Increase in lean muscle mass and muscle strength
Reduced risks of obesity
Improved oxidation in the groin area
Increase in libido
Improved penile growth due to oxidation
Proper stimulation to continue boosted sexual desire
Proper stimulation to improve endurance and sexual performance
Reduced risks of erectile or other sexual dysfunctions
Increase in bone density
Reduced risks of arthritis-related conditions

Using Bettabods hCG for testosterone therapy will enable you to reap the rewards that allow you to feel like a man again. If it is increased energy you need to pound away at the gym, or more muscle to burn the fat off, improved overall health, or even better bedroom performance, the use of Bettabods hCG injections will more than do this job for you.

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