“As of today I’ve dropped in total 15.6kg, I started on 106kg and this morning the scale stopped at 90.4kg – something I haven’t seen since I got married in 2007 – I officially weigh LESS than the day I got married! I was floored!

The last few weeks my weight loss has slowed down but I’m STILL LOSING so I cannot be happier. The cm’s continue to drop! For the first time in many years I’m able to fit very comfortably into a size 38 jeans as opposed to a very uncomfortable size 42 that would tend to leave me out of breath!

I’ve even been an inspiration to quite a few friends, colleagues & acquaintances that have also signed onto the journey with Bettabods!

It’s not always easy BUT so far the rewards FAR FAR outweigh the effort! I’ve come this far already and there is NO WAYS I’m giving up until I get to my goal.

And if I do say so myself, I have truly mastered the 1 whole egg & 1 egg white omelette, even my kids want me to make it for them in the mornings!

Honestly, I cannot thank Penny & Bettabods enough!”

~Jessica Richardson

“I heard about Bettabods on Facebook. After a really depressing holiday season in December where I had already given myself over to the idea of starting another diet in January and once again failing, the specials ad for January caught my eye in a Facebook post. Specifically the bit about Lypolitic injections.

Bettabods South Africa Happy Weight Loss Customers TestimonialI had heard about these online and knew about someone who had lost quite a bit of weight successfully. I read up about it on the Bettabods website, but was initially very sceptical about everything. I finally made up my mind to just give it a shot and ordered my programme. Much to my shock, I lost 4.8 kg in the first week and after three months have lost 23 kg and still going strong. The menu is simple and although it seems like very little food in comparison to what I previously ate, the injections help to keep your appetite and cravings under control.

The support and assistance from Penny is amazing and she is always available to provide motivation. My attitude and relationship to food has changed completely and finally I can see myself reaching my ideal weight and leading a healthy, active life. It is definitely not easy and especially over the holidays I had an odd cheat, but I immediately got back on the programme.

2015 is my year for positive change and this programme has already had a major impact on my life. I have now joined a Fitclub as well to help me stay motivated and on the path. By the end of the year, I would like to reach a loss of 50kgs and with Bettabods that is definitely possible!”


~Bronwyn – Cape Town

“I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy 2 years ago. In all my years I had never gained weight like I did during my pregnancy. I even went up a shoe size!!!

I tried everything…gym, crash diets… but the weight wouldn’t budge. I subsequently heard about HCG injections from a friend at work. She had her son around the same time as me but she lost the baby weight so fast it was unbelievable!

I started my HCG journey prepared to starve myself and entertain thoughts of eating 10 chocolate cakes in one go!!! That never happened. I was rarely hungry and seldom thought about food. I lost 10 kgs during the first round and I have managed to keep them off even during the festive period!!! The 10 kgs came offmy waist and thighs and not my face as is usually the case when dieting. I can’t wait to get on with my second round of HCG! I might just buy a bikini with all this excitement! Thank you Bettabods!!!”

~Linda – Woodmead

“I was struggling with my weight for about 2 years after I went on antidepressants. I tried everything and still no success! Finally I found out about the HCG diet and I tried it!

I was amazed with the results in my first week I lost 3kgs! I carried on thinking that the first 3kgs were just water weight but still by the end of my second week I had lost 5kgs! finally I had found something that worked for me! on day 33 of the diet I went from 98cm around my waist to 69cm and was down 10kgs!!!

I love this diet and want to thank Penny for her friendly service and advice throughout my HCG diet time as well as her very reasonable prices!!

Very happy with my results! Thank you for helping me change my life!!!”

~Kayleigh – Pta

“Throughout my school career I have always been over weight and uncomfortable, I was always on and off any diet you can imagine, I became a regular at weight watchers – which landed up not working in my favour.

I am an emotional eater, so when people comment about my weight – I used to turn to food, I figured if I go to gym maybe that would help, no, gym is so boring when you are alone. So I gave up.

Then I came across the HCG Diet and queried about this, that weekend I bought myself a new pair of shorts – and when I had realised that I had bought a size 44, I was FINISHED, I had ordered the product from Penny, I received great service, I had paid and received my parcel the same day, currently I am on my 3rd week of the diet and I had already lost 8kg!! I FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS, it is so easy to stick to – gone with the days of starving myself.

Penny is such an amazing woman to work with not only does she give you great service and advise, she also motivates you to KEEP GOING.

If anyone is having thoughts of joining this diet DO IT – I promise you will not be disappointed and you will not only look great you will feel fantastic. I still have a long way to go, but I will not stop until I get there, Thank you for helping me change my life for the better”

~Sam – Jhb

“I lost 10 kgs in a month. Not only have I come down two sizes, but I have had the most amazing “side-effect”: no migraines. After suffering with migraines since I was16, and with no medications ever helping, this has been absolutely incredible. I feel fantastic. It has been truly life-changing for me. I have also always struggled with my weight for years, as any kind of strict diet seemed to induce migraines. A catch-22. Until now. I must also say that Penny, at Bettabods has also been incredibly kind, helpful and efficient. It is as if I have a personal dietician on hand. The entire experience has been very positive for me. ”

~Beschara – Pretoria


Amazing video of a woman’s weightloss story on the HCG diet!

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