Master your Appetite Hormones

Both leptin and ghrelin levels are key for weight management and successful dieting. Yo-yo dieting will most likely have a long-term negative impact on hormones, body composition, and general health. To avoid the vicious cycle of losing weight and then regaining it, plan in periods of energy maintenance or refeeds. These c periods every 4-6 weeks.

While dieting may feel hard, research shows the maintenance period afterward may be even harder! Make sure your post-diet plan is as optimal and effective as the actual diet itself.

Applying the strategies listed in all the articles on this topic will help you maintain leptin and ghrelin health, but it’s critically important that you plan your diet ahead of time, set clear goals, and be patient with the process. If you’re going to try cyclical dieting to help your leptin and ghrelin levels, give yourself plenty of time.

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